How to Paint Wood?

You might believe that apart from riding a bike or even a car the next easiest thing to do is Painting in wood. Well! It might be the case if you are an expert but, if you are not, it is important for you to follow a guide and then take the correct steps. If you already have a piece of wood and willing to give it a new look by painting on it, here are a few steps to follow.

What are the Steps to paint wood?

  1. Take your time to prepare the wood that you are about to paint. It might be the most critical part of painting a timber and patience, and key observation is the biggest requirement.
  2. If there is any old paint already applied onto the wood, you need to remove it. You can do this easily with the help of Tri-Sodium Phosphate solution to clean up the painting. Remember to fill in all the dings as well as the deep gouges by applying wood putty.
  3. Take sandpaper to sand the surface of the wood and make it smoother. It will ease the work when you are about to implement the next coat of painting. Use a towel to clean up as much dust as you can with a cloth.
  4. Apply a good primer to the wood and let it dry for a while. Remember to use a white or gray based primer if you are planning for a darker paint.
  5. Choose a type of paint that you need to apply and prefer an oil based paint for a better touch of painting. Pick a type of sheen or gloss reflected on the color.
  6. Maintain a uniform width of the brush and remember to buy the same width of the brush if you are willing to change the previous one while painting. Load the brush with paint and then move your brush in a straight direction. Try to make sure that the direction of the brush is always from up to down as it will reflect on the wood after the painting is dried. Repeat it three to five times until and unless an entire segment is fully covered. To pull the tip of the pain, you can use an unloaded brush and then cover it with the stroke. Remember to apply a minimum brushstroke as possible.
  7. Wait for a few while and let the paint dry naturally for the best finish. Use a wood planer to level out the uneven parts.
  8. Now you need to think about sealer of the topcoat on the wood. Prep the surface of the wood by sanding it and vacuuming off any paint. For a better result, apply more than three coats of the sealer and make it worthy for a better solution.

However, remember to keep everything natural and do not use external machinery for drying the wood. It will keep a balance of painting in all the corners and will bring out a good finish to the paint. You must not forget to maintain a steady direction while painting.

5 Tips for Bringing Art into Your Kitchen

A lot of people do believe in upgrading the kitchen with lovely art to make the most use of it. Choosing a decent one, there are a few things that should be viewed as, for example, the materials, the capacity, price, and the size.


The right one will flawlessly coordinate to the house’s style as well as the necessities. It is likewise empower to spare additional time and cash. At the point when considering of buying a decent cookware set, here are a few tips that can be valuable:

It’s about Individuality

Attempting to be individual is additionally vital and not gets a whole look/subject from one store, or source. Too a lot of one style or subject can look incredible in an up-to-date stylistic layout magazine photo shoot yet can look imagined in all actuality.

It’s constantly best to take after your own actual senses as opposed to give a gesture to patterns and crazes. Somebody I know buys everything from one costly store and her home resembles a retail showroom – you can’t buy style!


The catchphrases are individual and state of mind – adhering to a determined way to deal with customizing the space and making it intriguing to visitors – without making the space look too domineering and making them uncomfortable!

Tip 1:

If there is additional space on top of your kitchen cupboards, fill them with a shifted collection of plates, jugs or vases.

To include an extra individual touch, gather extraordinary vases and containers while traveling so each beautifying piece helps you to remember a glad memory.

Tip 2:

If you are short on space, utilize your kitchen tools as designs too! Stainless steel utensils can be utilized for divider art. Pots and container can hold tight snares around your kitchen island or on deliberately put snares all through your kitchen.


Crate can be utilized for an assortment of purposes. They can be utilized for natural product, kitchen utensils, nonperishable food or numerous different capacities. If drawer space is constrained, overlap your kitchen towels and stove gloves conveniently and put them in a bushel on your counter.

Tip 3:

If sentiment rouses you to make dazzling dinners, then hang photos of your cherished one on the kitchen divider, and prepare laurels of consumable blooms to crawl from your windowsill grower box, in through the window, and around it.


Put candles around the kitchen, and utilize beautiful lighting when you cook. You’re cooking then turns into an offering of dedication, temptation, and adoration.

Tip 4:

Hang bright charts delineating the proportion of proteins to carbohydrates that you need, and hang lovely pictures of beautiful natural leafy foods.

These will give you a hunger for what is beneficial for you, rather than enticing you to eat garbage food. Regular deliver comes in all colors (even blue – for blueberries), so you can make a flawless rainbow on your divider.

Tip 5:

Because of the overhauls the outline world has made to paint and painting impacts, it is currently conceivable to utilize false painting procedures to tidy up and mirror higher end ledge surfaces.


Your neighborhood home stylistic theme or arts and specialties store has books and recordings and even live classes on different painting procedures that will make the layered look you require, so exploit this skill and get a radical new look.